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Borealis Linz Donau Marathon 2014

Linz, Austria
Sunday, April 6, 2014

Linz Donau Marathon

Austria’s fastest Marathon will take place again in the beautiful city of Linz the European Capital of Culture 2009. Travel conveniently per rail – recharge your batteries and run your personal record!

Hotels Near The Marathon

Check our › list of hotels near the marathon, to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Stay at a good hotel to be fit at the starting line, and recover after the marathon!

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Fastest Marathon

Linz offers adrenalin pure at the Borealis Linz Donau Marathon, the fastest Marathon ever run in Austria, along the architecturally impressive buildings on the banks of the Danube. “Linz.verändert,” is the slogan of Linz! That means experience the tremendous change of the cultural metropolis by yourself and discover a modern city with a various cultural programm.

Travel to Linz

Travel relaxed to Linz on Friday and experience the European Capital of Culture 2009 in an individual and personal way. On Saturday you can conveniently visit different sights in town. If you travel with your whole family to Linz, you can cheer on your kids at the Junior Marathon, and afterwards discover the city.